Video Memorial Slideshows & Funeral Video

Honoring the one you loved.

For funerals or the anniversary of a passing – a video memorial, DVD photo montage or funeral video tribute.

No need to upload or scan, we handle all the steps. Pickup also available.

Highest quality professional DVD photo montages: we do not use automated or batch processing. All staff full-time, certified professionals.

UR Music & Video specializes in personal and biography video projects. We create lasting video memorial slideshows and DVD photo montages from photos, videos, words and music – we can even add voice-over or narration (yours or ours). Perfect for the funeral or memorial service, and for those who could not attend.

We also film or live webcast funeral services and eulogies – along with the photo montage – into a tasteful tribute video. All projects come with a custom DVD box.


BASE PRICE $100.00 for every 100 images
Price includes: 1 Fully authored  DVD, Full Color DVD and DVD case printing, 6 seconds/image.
Add Ons
(choose 1 option or combination of last 2)
·Fade in/Fade out Included
·Random Transitions $5/100 photos
·Random Motion Effects $25/100 photos
(choose 1 option or combination of last 2)
·No Music Free
·Adding Music to project $15
·Songs ( Your selected tracks) $3 per song
·Music Edited (syncing music to selection, cutting out beginning or end) $8 per song
·Title Pages (for up to 10 words) $3/Title Slide
·Chapter Menu Points (needs to be enough images for at least 1 song, and if sending own music make sure songs fit number of images or will be charged the $5 to edit the song to fit.) $6/Chapter Point
·Generic Chapter Menu with Points (RANDOM Chapters with no title slide included in point) $20.00
·Custom Chapter Menu $20.00
Webcasting Live with one camera with internet provided to basic online channel and include a code you can put on your own website $500 per hour
Filming Live with one camera produced and edited to DVD $250 per hour